Saturday Morning News Bites



I love Saturday mornings, but I’d like them better if some of LA’s boutique coffee shops would deliver an amazing mocha to my doorstep. ūüôā

In any case, here’s a round-up of By The List’s fave news spots this week, in absolutely no order at all. Happy weekending!

Check out this¬†interview with Ted Delgado (owner of Rae’s and Teddy’s Cafe) over at EaterLA. I love diners, ¬†therefore I love diner owners.

LACMA’s summer music programs are in full effect, bringing world music to the masses every weekend. Tomorrow By The List may just attend Latin Music Saturdays! Hooray! Check the calendar for future performances.

Have you jumped on the cronut bandwagon yet? My friend Anna at Huff Po gives us a breakdown of where we might grab on around LA. I want to try Semisweet Bakery‘s version first.

I’m tardy to the party on this one, but I’ve been thinking about visiting the freshly redone Echo Park Lake all week. It reopened in June and I still haven’t made it there. Soon!

Another place I have yet to visit? Superba Snack Bar, and they’re giving away free s’mores this weekend in honor of making it to one year. Literally and figuratively sweet!

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your Shakespeare on¬†with various local theater troupes, many of which perform under the stars.


Sunday Morning News Bites


View from Angels Knoll in DTLA

This week felt a little cuckoo, and if it flew by as fast for you as it did for me, you may have missed some local news stories worth a read. Here are a few that caught my attention or made me chuckle.

1. So. Cal Ralph’s stores are doing their part to turn waste into energy. I’m sure it’s just a small dent in a big problem, but it’s nice to hear they’re looking out for Mother Earth.

2. I don’t use Sriracha a lot myself, but I know how popular the stuff is. Check out this LA Times article about all the ways it’s moved into pop culture, like with these high-heeled shoes inspired by the bottle. I can totally see someone wearing these in LA, can’t you?! And did you know the company hails from Rosemead?

3. My fabulous fellow book club members have big plans to see the new Gatsby movie (can’t wait, ladies!), and though reviews are mixed (ok, they’re mostly bad), people think some of the styles in the film (hair pieces, scarves, etc) may be replicated very soon. How romantic to dress like them! I’d love it.

4. For those in or near my part of Mid-City, rumor has it that Midtown Crossing is about to explode with new retailers: Carter’s Baby, Ross, Chipotle, ULTA, and more. I’d rather have a new Lemonade branch, but I guess I can’t be choosey.

5. They’ve added another CicLaVia to the 2013 calendar! I participated in the March event by passing out copies on my neighborhood paper at the Mid-City hub, and I felt a little sad to not be on my own bicycle. We need to get one of those tag-a-long carts so O can come with!

Saturday Morning News Bites

Another week gone by, and there was even some rain in the mix! If you’re up Saturday morning and looking for some light weekend reading, here are a few locally-focused links that caught my attention this week. Hopefully you’re alert and ready for the day, unlike Benny here.


The Ritzy Dispatch launched this week, a satirical take our city and news related to it. It never really occurred to me that there was THIS much about LA to poke fun at. Add them to your reader for a great laugh daily.

The debate on LA neighborhood pronunciations raged high this week. Once the LA Times covered it, dozens of other local news outlets drafted their own versions. I say Los Angeles the anglicized way, for sure. But I don’t say “Los FEE-lez,” I go with the Spanish “Los Feh-LEEZ.” So there. I can’t be labeled.

I found LA Weekly’s piece about the revitalization of DTLA’s Arts District so fascinating. It’s amazing what one dude with a vision (and some serious influence) can do for an area that was basically no-mans land just awhile back. I predict a Cafe Gratitude moves in next. (I can’t WAIT until this happens in my ‘hood. Perhaps I’ll be the Tyler Stonebreaker of Mid-City one day.)

Food GPS posted a Top 16 Cookies in LA list, yum. I don’t think I’ve tried ONE SINGLE COOKIE on there– totally bonkers. Now we all have a quick reference when we’re in the mood for something sweet.

There are too many pot shops in LA ¬†in my opinion. I read this KCRW piece about the relevant propositions to be voted on in the upcoming election; Prop D limits the number of shops (t0 135), but I see how this could lead to Wal-Mart sized pot shops and having ¬†few people control the whole market (a situation bound to go sour). Prop F doesn’t limit the number, but says it will keep the shops away from parks, schools, etc. More research needed before I vote for either, I guess.

Happy reading (and thinking)!

Saturday Morning News Bites, First Edition

The romantic reader in me loves the idea of pouring over an actual newspaper while sitting in a beautiful, sunlit breakfast nook. I’m sipping coffee from a floral mug, and the coffee/cream/sugar ratio is just right. The birds outside flit by the window and twitter charmingly.

In reality, I usually consume news in a window-hopping frenzy on my laptop while seated at our dining room table. There is no coffee beside me (no coffee machine, either), but there is a room-temperature glass of water (I have to be mindful not to knock it over and kill the laptop– I did that recently). There’s also a cute baby jumping furiously in nearby a jumper, though the rhymes coming from the speakers aren’t exactly charming.

Romantic? Maybe not. Home? Definitely.

Here are five bits of LA news from the week that are worth a glance this fine, spring morn (and I hope you’re sitting right where you want to be):


Photo of CicLAvia at Mid-City hub

1. Twist Eatery on La Brea plans to open mid-May, and this sneak peek of the menu looks darn good.

2. Bars in California will not be allowed to serve drinks until 4 a.m. (and though my big partying days are numbered, I was hoping this would pass. It would make LA feel a bit more like New York).

3. Los Angeles Historic State Park will undergo a major renovation in 2014. We could use more green space in the city, so I hope a large expanse of grass is in the works.

4.CicLAvia was a huge success last Sunday, and 2014 calendars are already out as the city plans for next year’s iteration of the event (the route will again be DTLA to the ocean, but both sides of Venice may be blocked off next time). I hope I get to see the two-story bike with my own eyes. Holy cow! Have you seen this insane video?

5. Besha Rodell over at LA Weekly posted this great piece awhile back, a 3rd grader’s story on Voltaggio’s Ink. This week Rodell and said student are at it again, but this time he’s singing the praises of¬†The Hart & The Hunter. Future food writer, obvi.

Did you stumble upon any other exciting news this week? Share it in the comments! ūüôā