Loving Larchmont’s Go Get ‘Em Tiger

This new, uber hip coffee shop came to my attention via my instagram buddy oishiieats, and who can help but love its cutesy name?! Go Get ‘Em Tiger. A phrase rarely spoken by your friends but still nostalgic, right?


GGET is brought to us Mid-City folk by G&B, otherwise known as coffee connoisseurs Kyle Glanville (G) and Charles Babinski (B). Each has years of background in the coffee industry, and after bailing from Intelligentsia last year Glanville and Babinksi showed off their bean handling skills as a pop-up within Silverlake cafe SQIRL. Then came their own storefronts this summer: GGET on Larchmont and G&B Coffee in the recently refreshed Grand Central Market.

There’s more to love at GGET than just the cursive name. I dig…

1. The modular wooden stools/tables near the large window nook.

2. The bar-like tables that come out of the walls, adorned with succulents and perfect for writing or reading high on a perch.

3. The huge, mostly blank wall behind the counter, its single decoration an outline of a flying astronaut.

4. And of course, the coffee. I usually go for a mocha over ice (perfect for this latest stretch of LA heat), and GGET’s isn’t overly sweet and has flecks of cacao nibs. Love that.

There’s plenty of other drinks to try out, including iced coffee and tea they’ve bottled themselves, set in a iced stand right inside the door. This location also boasts homemade waffles (!), as well as a selection of other pastries brought in.


If the downtown location is closer to you, you’re in luck: that’s where they’re serving espresso milkshakes made with McConnell’s ice cream. Um, yes please!

In this video with LAist’s Krista Simmons, Kyle Glanville talks a little bit more about the  DTLA shop.



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