Brief Thoughts on LA’s Most Underrated Restaurants


Stella Barra is one of them, according to Eater LA.

In a city as big as ours, there are bound to be restaurants and shops that fly under the radar. I cook Monday through Thursday so we can eat out guilt-free on weekends, and after a lot of marathon-like Saturdays and Sundays around town I know I’ve missed many amazing kitchens. But that’s kinda what I love about city living. You’re checklist is never quite checked. There’s always more to explore or eat.

That being said, I think I’ll make this Eater LA list a guide for the next year or so of eating out: Los Angeles’ 20 Most Underrated Restaurants, Mapped. I’ve been to seven of the 20– Canale, Osteria Mamma, Jar (one of my LA faves), Salt’s Cure, Mercado, Cafe Pinot, and Stella Barra– which means a lucky 13 are left!

Hope my belly can handle it.


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