Stella (Barra) Does Hollywood

My favorite movie theater in LA used to be The Landmark. We’d arrive a solid hour before a film began, peruse the magazines, bestseller shelves and required summer reading table at Barnes and Noble, and maybe sip a coffee from the Starbucks inside the book store. Oh, how I miss those days– you know, when bookstores weren’t so hard to come by. When B & N was replaced by a furniture store, The Landmark lost many a loyal customer around that time, though obviously through no fault of its own.


Now we’re ArcLight Hollywood converts, and the icing on that cake came when Stella Barra opened just a hop, skip and a jump away from the pretty (and yes, stupid expensive) theater. Behold, the ideal date night: park only once, gobble amazing pizza, grab a (huge) chocolate chip cookie or two to go at the SB bakery counter, and relish two hours or so of uninterrupted movie time.

We highly recommend:


Fresh local burrata with house made tomato jam.


Shaved mushroom pizza.

Will you look at the size of these cookies?! Perfect for pecking at through an entire movie!




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