A Little Bit of Eagle Rock Moves To Mid-City

My love for LA grew once I stopped spending so much time on the Westside (if you’ve lived west of Robertson for more than 4 years, I’m of the opinion that it’s time to break out). Working in Koreatown and Echo Park over the course of seven years led to some great adventures (and of course plenty of good eats), and I eventually started wandering a bit further east into neighborhoods like Eagle Rock, Atwater Village and Highland Park. Since it’s tricky to get over to these newly-trendy ‘hoods too often, I tend to keep up on the goings on via a handful of online sites. And boy do I get excited when something cool from over there picks up (or copies itself) and settles somewhere over here. Case in point, Eagle Rock’s beloved Four Cafe.

If I had it my way, I’d eat salads and sandwiches every meal of the day, so news of Four Cafe‘s replication meant another just-right shop for me was moving into my area. LA area Chowhounds have long-raved about how delicious the FC fare is, and some even liken it to Clementine (gasp!).


The second iteration of FC took over the Black Cat Bakery space on Fairfax Boulevard, and they’ve done some easy remodeling to make it their own. The black awning outside is down, replaced with a bright green Four Cafe placard; the weirdly placed counter, which was smack in front of the door and caused weird traffic jams, has been smartly moved to the side; and they’ve added some rustic, repurposed wood panels to various walls for some simple decor. Clean and to the point. My kind of place!


I stopped in for lunch today with a new friend and was pleased as punch (I know, only grammies say “pleased as punch”) with the chopped miso salad, a giant bowl of napa, red, and white cabbage, crispy (and potent!) shallot slices, almond slivers, chives, and a yummy miso vinaigrette. I opted to add some organic free range chicken as well. This beast of a thing was the half size salad, which blew my mind. That’s $7 for the half size, plus $2 for the additional chicken, making it the best priced salad I’ve had in LA in a long time.

I know I’ll be returning soon, but the problem will be how to get myself to order something else– might not happen for awhile. Check out their great menu right here on their homepage.

PS. Forgive me while I play with my new Beautiful Mess app. Too much fun!


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