Sunday Morning News Bites


View from Angels Knoll in DTLA

This week felt a little cuckoo, and if it flew by as fast for you as it did for me, you may have missed some local news stories worth a read. Here are a few that caught my attention or made me chuckle.

1. So. Cal Ralph’s stores are doing their part to turn waste into energy. I’m sure it’s just a small dent in a big problem, but it’s nice to hear they’re looking out for Mother Earth.

2. I don’t use Sriracha a lot myself, but I know how popular the stuff is. Check out this LA Times article about all the ways it’s moved into pop culture, like with these high-heeled shoes inspired by the bottle. I can totally see someone wearing these in LA, can’t you?! And did you know the company hails from Rosemead?

3. My fabulous fellow book club members have big plans to see the new Gatsby movie (can’t wait, ladies!), and though reviews are mixed (ok, they’re mostly bad), people think some of the styles in the film (hair pieces, scarves, etc) may be replicated very soon. How romantic to dress like them! I’d love it.

4. For those in or near my part of Mid-City, rumor has it that Midtown Crossing is about to explode with new retailers: Carter’s Baby, Ross, Chipotle, ULTA, and more. I’d rather have a new Lemonade branch, but I guess I can’t be choosey.

5. They’ve added another CicLaVia to the 2013 calendar! I participated in the March event by passing out copies on my neighborhood paper at the Mid-City hub, and I felt a little sad to not be on my own bicycle. We need to get one of those tag-a-long carts so O can come with!


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