Saturday Morning News Bites, First Edition

The romantic reader in me loves the idea of pouring over an actual newspaper while sitting in a beautiful, sunlit breakfast nook. I’m sipping coffee from a floral mug, and the coffee/cream/sugar ratio is just right. The birds outside flit by the window and twitter charmingly.

In reality, I usually consume news in a window-hopping frenzy on my laptop while seated at our dining room table. There is no coffee beside me (no coffee machine, either), but there is a room-temperature glass of water (I have to be mindful not to knock it over and kill the laptop– I did that recently). There’s also a cute baby jumping furiously in nearby a jumper, though the rhymes coming from the speakers aren’t exactly charming.

Romantic? Maybe not. Home? Definitely.

Here are five bits of LA news from the week that are worth a glance this fine, spring morn (and I hope you’re sitting right where you want to be):


Photo of CicLAvia at Mid-City hub

1. Twist Eatery on La Brea plans to open mid-May, and this sneak peek of the menu looks darn good.

2. Bars in California will not be allowed to serve drinks until 4 a.m. (and though my big partying days are numbered, I was hoping this would pass. It would make LA feel a bit more like New York).

3. Los Angeles Historic State Park will undergo a major renovation in 2014. We could use more green space in the city, so I hope a large expanse of grass is in the works.

4.CicLAvia was a huge success last Sunday, and 2014 calendars are already out as the city plans for next year’s iteration of the event (the route will again be DTLA to the ocean, but both sides of Venice may be blocked off next time). I hope I get to see the two-story bike with my own eyes. Holy cow! Have you seen this insane video?

5. Besha Rodell over at LA Weekly posted this great piece awhile back, a 3rd grader’s story on Voltaggio’s Ink. This week Rodell and said student are at it again, but this time he’s singing the praises of The Hart & The Hunter. Future food writer, obvi.

Did you stumble upon any other exciting news this week? Share it in the comments! 🙂


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