The Natural Products Expo Hits Anaheim: Which Would You Try?

Grub Street LA has a great list up today: The 17 Craziest Foods Found at The Natural Products Expo West. Only in L.A., San Francisco, and New York would an expo like this find a genuinely interested audience. Pre-natal Gatorade? Olive water? Bacon-flavored peas? Green tea vinegar?

I take it back. The peas would probably attract a good deal of interest. I can picture them now, sitting pretty on gas station snack shelves between the hot n’ spicy sunflower seeds and the Slim Jims.

I’d certainly give the bee-free honey, lentil flour pasta, and cacao bean coffee a shot, but I’d hesitate to try gluten-free muffins by Pillsbury (can they really be trusted?) or the egg white chips. I was never sold on egg white anything.

Which items would you try?


Photo from Bee Free Honee/Facebook


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