4 Reasons to Love Alfred’s, a New Coffee Shop on Melrose Place


I can’t afford anything on Melrose Place, save maybe a $50 phone case from the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory store. But that silly little fact doesn’t mean I don’t like strolling through the area pretending I belong. Ever visited the 2+ blocks with that famous name (famous to us 90s kids especially who watched Heather Locklear and Daphne Zuniga et al on TV)? When you do you’re in the company of Oscar de le Renta, Chloe, Carolina Hererra, Temperley — a host of friends that are certainly not in my closet, nor will they likely ever be.

So when Alfred’s opened shop on Melrose Place a little over a month ago I decided to visit soon, because I do have three bucks for an Americano. And what a cute shop it is, with a great vibe and happy people working behind the counter. Here’s what I love most:

1. The shop has two levels, and it sorta feels like a coffee speakeasy: Guests enter via the cafe/dining room space then walk down a set of steps to the dark bunker-like lower room. Here you’ll find the counter for coffee and pastries.

2. The upper room has this great grandma wallpaper along the top edge of its walls: magenta florals against dark grey background. Can you make it out in the lower left picture? If I was a cat lady in my own craftsman house, I might just wallpaper every room with a different floral paper. Call me crazy but I just love the stuff. Too bad husbands get to have an opinion when it comes to home decor.

3. I think the older men in my family still joke that alcohol and coffee put hair on your chest. At Alfred’s, you at least get a moustache (a cardboard one!) with your caffeine hit. Who thought of these facial hair heat sleeves? I had a good laugh when I saw them stacked near the sugars and napkins. Everyone has a photo booth picture with a moustache, but now you can have a coffee ‘stache. They inspired to take this silly photo for my own enjoyment.


4. On Friday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm, Alfred’s has live music. Yesterday the acoustic melodies of Joel Eckels filled the shop, and next week will likely bring in another great local artist.

Alfred Coffee, 8428 Melrose Place, Los Angeles


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