5 L.A. Desserts To Dream Of


Treats from Maison du Pain (Chelsee Lowe)

This post is probably a bad idea.

Like so many chubby Americans, I vowed to start 2013 off on a healthier foot: more veggies, fewer sweets… more yoga, less sleeping in with baby until 11 AM. I can play the I-just-had-a-baby card only so long, right? And I know my body — it’s like a stubborn, curmudgeonly grandma who doesn’t want to give up her checkbook. This weight isn’t going to come off with grace and ease.

The other day, I woke up from the best dream I’ve had in a long time: I was sitting alone, probably at Sweet Lady Jane, eating a giant slice of chocolate cheesecake. And it was glorious. But of course a dream doesn’t satiate a craving — though my crazy hubby says his nighttime donut fantasies please him enough. Clearly we’re not cut from the same cloth.

Here are five desserts to consider, assuming you have better self-control than I do.

1. Cruller donuts from Plan Check Kitchen + Bar. Of course they’re cooked to order. Of course they’re served with light, fluffy cream. Of course they’re heavenly.


Cruller donuts (Chelsee Lowe)

2. The lemon meringue from LudoBites 10.0. Special shout out to my friend Karen for expounding Ludo’s virtues in the kitchen, and for playing babysitter so I could go. Another thanks to Anna for scoring the reservation. This deconstructed pie slice was the BEST version of pie I’ve ever had. If and when he sets up a brick and mortar, I will get there and I will order one of these for myself — none of this “let’s split it 5 ways” nonsense.


Lemon meringue (Chelsee Lowe)

3. Do you put scones in the dessert category? Or are they just breakfast/high-tea snacks? The ones baked at Bricks & Scones are light and only slightly dry, and the chocolate chips give me the touch of sweetness I like so much. If I’m working at this giant house-turned-coffee-shop, you can bet I’m eating one of these while I’m at it.


Chocolate chip scone (Chelsee Lowe)

4 & 5. Babkas and chocolate rye cookies, oh my! I think I love both of these because I’d never really had anything quite like them before Sycamore Kitchen. The babka isn’t exactly like a cinnamon roll, and the rye gives this really subtle bite of flavor that I’ve surely not tasted — who eats rye bread? Not me. These are two of many treats that Quinn Hatfield bakes and that I can’t really quit.


Salted caramel pecan babka roll and chocolate chip rye cookie (Chelsee Lowe)


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