3 Must-Try Menu Items at Tacos Punta Cabras


Shrimp taco and shrimp tostada (Chelsee Lowe)

I’m a sucker for a number of “dishes,” burritos and tacos being two of them. Perhaps it’s all that Taco Bell I lovingly ate as a kid — and now that I live in LA and know what real tacos should taste like, I’m trying to make up for lost time by going to as many of the shacks and trucks that serve them as possible. (I’ll admit, however, that a Taco Bell taco or bean and cheese burrito sometimes scratches an itch that those from Best Fish Taco In Ensenada or Al ‘N Beas just can’t scratch.)

When I heard word that Tacos Punta Cabras opened in Santa Monica I quickly hatched a plan to get the husband to power down his laptop and venture westward with me for a taste. I agree with some of the critiques that have been voiced — the fish is a little too soft and a little too mild in taste — but I’m willing to overlook that in light of the things I loved.

1. The fresh tortilla chips. Rip off the top of the bag and you’re set.

2. The amazing shrimp taco. Unlike the fish, these little sea critters had good flavor. And the slaw on top, Mwah! Delish.

3. The shrimp tostada. Ok, so the shell is the only food item NOT made in house, but those pickled cucumbers on top are to die for.

Wish it was closer to my neck of the woods. I’d be a regular.


Gratis chips and salsa (Chelsee Lowe)


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