Evan Funke’s Porchetta Truck: Three Things To Love


This is one delicious sandwich. Why?

1. The tender cuts of pork are rich and flavorful, with just the right fat to meat ratio.

2. Olive oil and arugula are in the mix — perfect pork companions.

3. The ciabatta roll is pillowy at the center with just a slight crisp along the edges.

Evan Funke is no time waster. The former Rustic Canyon chef had planned to open his newest kitchen, Bucato, late last winter, but when delays occurred a new idea was born: why not have a temporary food truck, a chariot of sorts, delivering ungodly good sandwiches to the masses until Bucato officially turns its lights on? And so it was. And so it is.

The menu is a simple one: a pork sandwich ($6), or a pork sandwich with egg ($8). It’s the perfect place for the indecisive eater. You get what you came for, and what you came for is good.

Like so many of my favorite dishes, porchetta takes time. The right cuts of meat must be hunted down,  prepped, wrapped, and twined. Some versions call for hours of refrigeration or sitting at room temperature before hours of roasting (check out this bon appetit recipe to see what I mean). But the hard work results in a dish that most have never attempted on their own.

I’m a pragmatist, though. Me making porchetta in my own kitchen, this month or this year, is just as likely as me finding the money to buy that Vespa I’ve always wanted. If that’s the case for you as well, I suggest that you check out  BucatoLA’s twitter feed, determine where Funke et al have parked for the day, and head on over for a seriously tasty lunch. Mind the skin pieces, they’re on the crispy side.


Additional note: It may not be necessary to run right out to the truck before Bucato opens. Funke shared that a deconstructed version of the truck’s sandwich will be offered for dinner at Bucato, and that the exact same sandwich will probably have a slot on the restaurant’s lunch menu, which will launch sometime this summer.


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